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The Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association participated in the 33. Session of United Nations Human Rights Council in which Greece reports were discussed within the context of Universal Periodic Review. At the 33.Session of the Human Rights Council that actualized at the United Nations Geneva headquarters, the results of Greece’s Universal Periodic Review report was presented on 21st  September. First, UN Geneva representative Ambassador Anna Korka, later other countries’ representatives put forward proposals, Greece International Human Rights Commission, ABTTF and other NGOs stated their comments.

Ambassador Anna Korka, in most of her speech stated the works that were actualized and were planned about the refugees and immigrants however she did not mention any issues about Western Thrace Turks. After her, representatives from 16 countries and the Council who took address, shared the opinion that they were pleased about the approval of most of the proposals from the previous meeting (3rd May 2016). Among the 16 countries, only Pakistan’s representative called on Greece to preserve the human rights of the Western Thrace Muslim Minority.

At the meeting the NGOs took the floor, ABTTF criticized the fact that the proposals made by them and some countries about the Western Thrace Turkish Minority were not approved. ABTTF also stated that within context of Universal Periodic Review, whenever the country’s authorities met with NGOs, minority organisation were not invited. In relation to these issues and criticisms made by ABTTF made, Greece Ambassador Korka repeated the usual answers.

WTMUGA Human Rights Branch member Dr. Sebahattin Abdurrahman participated in the meeting and followed the discussions.