As can be remembered, on 5th May 2016 we published an announcement and shared with our members and the public the procedures concerning our branches and in that announcement we noted that the procedures and especially the lawsuits against the association’s board members were out of legal basis and there were implementation faults.

The lawsuits against the Administrative Board Members of the association and our other members were supposed to have their trail on 13 May, however, it was postponed to 18 November 2016 because of the strike by lawyers. A couple of days after that, there was another lawsuit instantly made against our Chairman lawyer Ahmet Kara and 6 other board members, the trial was scheduled for 29th  July.

Today, after that trial, the authority objection made by the lawyers Ioannis Barkas (Xanthi bar lawyer) and Ercan Ahmet (Komotini bar lawyer), was approved by the court and it was decided for the papers to be sent to the authorized court. This development is one of the key points which indicate our rightfulness.

We state publicly that we preserve the right to present our objections to the authorized court against the procedure according to indictment and we will continue our association’s rightful fight by continuing to apply all legal remedies.

WTMUGA Administrative Board